Texas Sporthorse

Sporthorse & Rider Training, Jumpers, OTTB retraining

Current facilities in Reddick, FL (as of Nov 1, 2016)

Super nice barn on 26 acres, which backs up to Olympic eventers Karen & David O'Connor. Our other two neighbors are Longwood Farm & Tail Ridge Farm. Beautiful place!

Ocala, FL, facility - taking new clients here (beginning May 1, 2016)


New Location - New Beginning (September 2011)

Two years in the sales barn came to an end. We have now moved down the road to an absolutely gorgeous private barn, where I will be training some horses & riders. I will also free lance in the area, riding & teaching...give me a call - I am now available with a more flexible schedule. (512) 547-0219 or e-mail: katbuesking@yahoo.com

End of November we will head to Ocala, FL and the HITS show series. We will be back here in Parker, CO mid April of 2012


Pelle is back in the Show Ring... (June 2010)


It has been two years now, since Pelle got laminitis... I started riding him a year ago, but then he was sidelined with a tendon injury (for 3 months). June 5-6th, 2010, he returned to the show ring :)

The first day, he was VERY excited - he jumped everything and anything...but was a bit "unmanagable"...which was OK and we had a lot of FUN!! He was double clear in both his classes and received a 5th and a 6th place ribbon.

The second day he was ALL business and was 2nd in his first class and WON his second class...despite being a bit tired :) Here is a video of his winning class:


Changing location ~ from Marble Falls to Parker, CO... (October 2009)

We have left Texas, and moved to Parker, Colorado. I am employed at a salesbarn (jumpers, dressage horses & eventers), but will still accept new clients. We have a great indoor arena. You are welcome to come here and check out our new facility :)

Please contact me for lessons or training or with questions :)


Article in The Picayune - July 15th, 2009


Article in the River Cities TRIBUNE - July 12th, 2009


Coming up: July 14th, 2009 - Horses On The Hill


                       If you are unable to view this, click here: http://www.horsesonthehill.org 

May 26th, 2009 - First ride on Pelargon, a year after Laminitis

Pelle got sick the first week of June, 2008. Now, almost a year later, after laminitis, white line disease and some major weight loss, it was time to finally climb on his back again... Happy horse + happy owner = PERFECT DAY!!!


                                                          Here is a slide show from that first ride