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Allege Proof, aka. MANGO


Mango - is a 1989 year model Thoroughbred gelding (pedigree). He was a "problem horse" who transformed into a Grand Prix jumper. He is now 20 years old, but still jumps and is very fit and sound!

Update (2016): Mango is now 27 and happily retired, safe & sound with me here in Ocala, FL



Pico (Pellegrino)

Pico is a 10 year old Hannovarian gelding, owned by Trish McNamara. I have had the pleasure of training him for 3 1/2 years now and he has come a long way. LOVE this horse more than I can express :)


Pelargon, aka Pelle

Pelle is a 1999 year model Swedish Warmblood (pedigree). I imported him from Sweden when he was a youngster. He is a very talented jumper, unfortunately, he is a victim of the dreadful Laminitis disease, but on his way to (what I HOPE) 100% recovery! 

Update: June 5-6, 2010, Pelle returned to the Show Ring! At the Colorado Horse Park...here is a video of his winning rounds:




Former horses...

Secret Poise, aka Bosse

Bosse is a 1991 year model Thoroughbred gelding (pedigree) . He is the "all purpose" horse who has done jumpers, dressage, eventing and has been the best "school master" ever. Many of my students have learned from Bosse, over the years, and Bosse is now enjoying a well deserved retirement.   

Update (2016): I lost Bosse 5 years ago, to a very serious skin auto immune disorder. He was loved & happy to the very end <3


Doctor Decherd

Doctor Decherd (pedigree) was a stakes winner on the track, and his claim to fame is running a great race against Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, in the 2006 Holy Bull stakes (video). Doctor Decherd was on the Kentucky Derby trail, but did not make it all the way there... After winning almost $160.000, he was found running in 4K claiming races in the fall of 2008, and it was time for him to retire from the track. He came here with the intention of me starting his retraining, to become a sporthorse, but with a stifle injury (much worse than I was initially told...) he is still just rehabbing and still working on putting on weight...

Update (2016): When I moved to Colorado, DD moved to north Texas, where he spent many years in the care of Barbara Lively with also being sponsored by the Fans of Barbaro. He moved on to the ever green pastures a few years ago...never recovered from his race track injuries, but enjoyed many years being loved and happily being a horse <3

A couple of DD's races on Youtube: Win in the Aventura Stakes & Dr Decherd's Maiden Win

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