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Letters from happy customers

"I came to Katarina about two years ago without much knowledge of the jumping world. Katarina has taught me so much both from the disciplines of Dressage and Jumpers. Unlike my past instructors, Katarina knows when to introduce higher jumps, more complicated lines and courses, and even her own very experienced horses; she knows what the rider can handle. Katarina understands both rider and horse and what the two can accomplish together.

I am a visual learner and understand what to do better if I see someone else do it; Katarina found that out right away! If I do not grasp the concept of a move, she will get on the horse and perform the movement and then I understand what she is asking me to do. Katarina will figure out which way is the best way for both you and your horse to learn.

We have always had a great time with each other and the horses whether things were perfect or did not go the way as we planned. I am blessed to have Katarina as a riding instructor and friend."

Breigh Gray, Marble Falls, TX undefined


"Well, I just wanted to write & thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have had Turner now for almost 2 years.  We have had our ups & downs but I have never enjoyed him as much as I did on my trailride yesterday.  We went out to my 14 acres & we trotted & cantered & had such fun!  He was so willing & I believe he enjoyed himself as well.  All along I have been afraid to canter him but he just shuffled along like you said & I kept light contact on him & used my half halts on the outside to slow him where needed.  He was responsive & picked up the correct lead every time as asked.

Beyond the bending & flexing & tuning up you did for him, I believe I now have a better understanding of what makes him tick.  For some time now I have believed he was sour  & just had a bad attitude but what has really been going on is that he is just the opposite of a normal horse.  Most horses sour the more you ride them but Turner gets sour when he is not ridden or simply lacks a job.  He has been so sweet, no biting & I even loaded him yesterday on the first try.  Who is that horse? 

I am going to set up some obstacles on my 14 acres & continue to work him as often as possible.  I suppose a really wet saddle pad should be my goal on a regular basis as it sure does make for a sweet boy.  Thank you again for your help & I will be in touch to schedule some lessons soon.  The competitive trail challenge is on May 16th so I have a bit of work to do before then.  However, he is probably ready now as I just cannot believe how forward & responsive he is!"

Cinnamon Schlather, Round Mountain, TX



"Thanks to my military career, I've ridden with some great instructors all over the country. But my time in Texas will always be a high point, for the time I spent riding with Katarina.
Katarina has a wholistic approach to teaching that includes every aspect of horse care, from feeding to safety to riding properly to fences--I'd been riding for 20 years by then, yet she was still able to teach me so many new things...without making me feel like an idiot! In the United States, unless you've gone through Pony Club, there really isn't a comprehensive training system for learning every aspect of horse care and riding. Katarina can help you fill in the gaps.
For years, I'd heard the theory that great jumpers should look like dressage horses between fences. It's a hard concept to grasp, because the average person doesn't have access to American riders who do this. When I first watched Katarina ride, I thought she was a dressage rider. Her horse, Mango, was in a perfect third-level frame, doing half-passes and shoulder in, until she did an 8-meter half circle and popped him over a 4-foot fence. For her, dressage and jumping are not separate disciplines. She let me ride her horses in lessons so I could get the feel, and challenged me to sit like a dressage rider between my fences. Her horses are forward, round, and on the bit--the jumps just happen to be there, and the horses take them in stride. If you've been afraid to try jumping, Kat's system takes the 'scary' out of riding fences.
Besides that, she's just plain fun. Unfortunately, I had to move again, but I left Texas with a confidence over fences, a greater understanding of horsemanship, and a lifelong friend."

Kimberly Tebrugge, Olympia, WA



"I'm working with a young OTQH, who's about 7/8 TB and Katarina has helped me immensely without my ever having to see her. Providing her with video clips of me and my horse, Kat has been instrumental in guiding us to improve in our first attempts at dressage together. It's been great just working with Kat through e-mails and she's been of great benefit to my horse and I in only a week. I recommend this trainer and teacher highly to anyone with a goal towards the show arena!!"

Laura Jean Hearn, Houston, TX 


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"Katarina worked wonders for my OTTB TB Roscoe. As the typical OTTB, Roscoe was stiff, nervous, and very forward. Katarina, through riding him and training me, helped both of us learn how to be soft while riding forward into the contact. At the end of our training period, Roscoe was much more supple, willing, and relaxed. I would highly recommend training with Katarina".

Kathryn Hussong, Stockdale, TX


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